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Would you like to be a part of Bribie Butterfly Volunteers Inc?

 9am until 1:30pm
Monday to Friday
 Some Sunday’s

You can help to make this wonderful project a huge success in many ways including:

·      Gardening, weeding, watering our established garden areas.
·      Pruning plants to increase flowering. Deadheading spent flowers.
·      Cleaning water features.
·      Learn how to maintain our hydroponic system.
·      Learn how we use our worm farm to help grow plants in the hydroponic system.
·      Learn how to grow the butterfly attracting plants
·      Learn about the Butterfly Life Cycle.
·      Help to collect the butterfly eggs from the butterfly house.
·      Learn how to feed and maintain the caterpillars in our breeding laboratory.
·      Help the chrysalis stage of the butterfly to be safely hung for the new butterflies to emerge and be released.
·      Help release the newly formed and emerged butterflies.
·      Help maintain the butterfly house, laboratory, nursery and hydroponic areas.
·      We need more help in building our new construction.
·      We also breed stick insects. This is fun to learn about aswell.
·      At home Plant ‘Foster Care’ Program as mentioned on the ‘Current Projects’ Page.

Volunteers are always needed, and very much appreciated. Please contact us for further information.